Should Christians be Involved in Politics?

Its now a month and over since I last posted my last blog and the response has been quite rewarding. I sincerely wish to thank everyone who took time to have a read at the last post and even offer some constructive feedback. Here is the blog am talking about just in case you din’t get to read it,

I am publishing this post after much consideration and deliberation based on the feedback I have received and observations made. I will have to apologize for anyone who sees their feedback posted here there’s nothing personal.

I’ll give three examples to set the mood. First is a friend of mine who I shared the link above with hoping he would read my blog and after a week I checked on him to get some feedback from him and his response was that he saw the subject of my blog was politics and he gave up because he has heard to so much about politics he’s lost hope in and tired of politics. The second one was a Rwandan friend of mine who I was talking to about the leadership attributes of President Kagame, of course I was criticizing him. I was surprised by the way she did not care to explain what she thought about him simply because she has no idea how the government in Rwanda runs and to add on she felt there is nothing she could do to change things. Both cases are a display of ignorance though from different perspectives. The last story is what we all have been seeing on the news when the church comes to the press to address an issue on the government. Whether it is in the matter of the Atheists In Kenya registration or CORD’s proposal to disband I.E.B.C commissioners, the response the church gives is quite reluctant. First the church seems to be uncertain of it’s stand, second at times it seems as if it is taking sides but worst is that the church rarely offers a solution to Kenyans and to the government.

I chose to write on this subject matter because of the high levels of ignorance and disguise the church, both clergy and lay believers alike, has demonstrated in political matters and here I am talking about the church in Kenya. Probably this is due to a great misunderstanding of what politics is. However the Oxford Advance Learners helps us define politics as; the activities involved in getting and using power to influence decisions that affect a country or society. This then brings to light two important aspects, first that politics is a means to a particular end, if the end may differ based on who determines it and so will the means likewise differ. The other important part of that definition is that politics does not affect an individual separately it affects a country or a society. This quote here really brings a lot to light about how politics affects life. How worse is it for us to afford to be ignorant over political matters.



So the question that comes up is; Does the Bible teach us anything about politics? The answer is a resounding, YES. The Bible first teaches that all authority comes from God and that we should submit to authority. As Christians we are also taught of how God established kings and how those that were obedient to following his ways became greatly prosperous in their work. Moving into the New Testament Jesus teaches us very applicable and relevant lessons leadership today. We are even offered great human examples all through the Bible on leaders who teach us what leadership, government and politics should look like as well as what it shouldn’t be. Therefore I would conclude that ignorance to political affairs is sinful and furthermore since God has taught us how governance should work then wrongful political practice or opinions are equally sinful.

So should a Christian be involved in politics? Yes. However there is how to be involved in politics and how not to be involved. My next blog will takes the direction to explain how the Bible teaches us to be involved in political affairs.


9 thoughts on “Should Christians be Involved in Politics?

  1. Great reflections! And truth is we as a church should get involved in politics. However I think we shouldn’t generalize and say “the Church” but some of us believers. This is because have seen some churches having governance and advocacy sessions to teach and mobilise believers on things pertaining to politics

  2. I want to first appreciate the good writing above but i want to disagree and say that the church has been involved in this ways….
    1 During the Constitution Referendum the Church was United through the NCCK National Council of Churches of Kenya in saying a resounding NO even when the Political class was saying YES.
    2 The ongoing IEBC protests, the Church has not only said that they want the Body out but they have also called on Dialogue.
    3 The Reverend Eliud Wabukhala of ACK Church was part of the team that played a Critical Role during the signing of the Peace Accord between Raila and Kibaki. During his last interview before he leaves office today he revealed that him and Karanja the Chairman of NCCK met Kofi Anaan to discuss details of the Accord.
    4 Reverend Timothy Njoya of PCEA was involved in Protests during the Moi Era to speak against the one party Rule that was KANU. He used the Pulpit to speak against Moi rule and was out in the streets.

    Are there moments that the Church is silent, yes….but not this time.

    Lets discuss….

  3. I really thinking, Kenya’s problem is submitting to authority. But really what informs their thinking. I think Most Kenyans whocall themselves Christians are lazy. By this I mean, they do not know what should inform their thoughts is the word of God. This is where our ignorance is seen. We claim to be christians yet we do not know how to deal with politics in the Christian way. We simply follow the “men of God”….. wore unto us for our ignorance…. May the Lord help us….

  4. The church (read clergy) reluctant stand on matters politics breeds Christians who have no clue how to handle matters politics and taking a stand is seen as sinful. You have turned tables by highlighting to the passive Christians of their sins of omission in not being involved. When you tell a Christian to pray for our country’s politics, the almost obvious words will be ‘ Lord let your will be done’. This is what has brought us where we are where the voice of the church is very much ignored. How does NCCK while meeting CORD says they support disbandment of IEBC and three days later meets IEBC team and again changes their stand and says “we have listened to their side and we now say the disbandment must be done constitutionally. It behooves every one who calls himself a church leader in any level to have a well informed, impartial and honest stand on any issue politic so as to shape the followers opinion. You can’t keep calling the church to prayer without giving guide to the same. My stand: I don’t support the demos to disband the IEBC and also the opposition push and use of threats and intimidation to have their way. Their action must be condemned by all. Sitting around a table to discuss IEBC disbandment outside the constitution is also a SIN…Someone tell NCCK

  5. My friend actually you are right. We should be involved but not to a point of opposing God’s chosen people since as you said ‘All authority comes from God

  6. Yeah Christians should involve coz from the Bible’s written to abide and obey authorities ..who are from God . Jesus said give Cesar what’s belongs to him..

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