Craving versus Desire

I once craved for money, and am not ready to go down that path not even once more, the craving was a disease that money could not cure, the more money I got the greater the craving became but yet the money didn’t make me feel good or any better. Money did not make me more honorable, it did not give me a better reasoning or approach to life but the craving increased the more. It is not only money that I craved for, I craved for fame, I craved to become popular, I craved to be recognized by men and in whatever way no matter how small I tried to make myself noticed. I got peoples attention but even when I was addressing them I found out that I had a whole pile of words that made no sense. I just craved to be acknowledged for nothing. I also craved for love and did everything I could to find it but if it ever came my way, it was only to make me realize that I was not ready to give back what I expected others to give, I craved, I craved and once more I craved. I craved to have fun and my little, closed mind told me I could find it somewhere; in all the wrong places to have fun, but within a short time it was not fun anymore coz it had its price, but also it didn’t feel like fun it felt like I was forcing myself to having fun, arrgh yet another craving.
So then I quit craving and started something new, I found desire and I started desiring, I desired to love people, I desired to care for them, I desired to give, I desired to know people rather than to be known, I desired to make people happy rather than to be happy, above all I desired to be with God and walk side by side with Him. I must confess that I have not achieved all my desires completely but the very little that I have achieved has made me greatly fulfilled more than the many cravings that I ever achieved.
What I realize is that cravings are never fulfilling no matter how much you may act to achieve, the craving begets itself but the desire, the little small desire will always reward fulfilling your heart.
So whats the difference between a craving and a desire. Huuuuh its pretty simple, the desire comes from God and the craving comes from the flesh, the craving is selfish, the desire is self denying, the craving seeks its own the desire seeks for others, the craving is made up of the craze in the mind the desire is made up of the good will that comes from the heart, have a desire in your heart.
Philippians4:8, sums it up for me, truly . . . . . . . .
“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”


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