Reality of Growth


            Today as I reflect and examine myself on serious matters, something which is not usually what I often do, I find it necessary to share my thoughts with people who I consider of higher intellect (thought they most probably are not). Many of you who consider me a joker though am not, I kindly request that you put that thought aside for just but a moment, for I am about to share some serious thoughts here and I hope your opinion of me will not distract you from tapping into the wisdom am about to pour to you. So moving on swiftly not minding what other people hold as ‘an opinion,’ after all every one is entitled to one.

            I am greatly compelled to share on the subject of ‘GROWTH.’ See growth is a very sensitive matter that is not always looked at as a sensitive one as it may be. Fr instance when someone who is thought of as ‘a grown up’ starts behaving like a child, people often feel irritated and ask, ‘kwani hujagrow?’ Because growth is quite sensitive, if it doesn’t take place people get angry if it happens people become happy; like when a toddler starts walking or their milk teeth develop, people are naturally happy.

            I believe that every normal human being wants or sees the need to grow in their life, single people like me (not necessarily me literally) desire that one day they’ll get married , married people desire to get children, parents desire to become grandparents and so forth. In different levels and aspects of life people want to grow, funny enough people define growth people define growth  in their lives differently for some it’s education, to others it is popularity, for others it could be wealth and it always varies with different individuals. The problem here is that most of what we define as growth is actually not growth. Growth is not wealth or money earned, growth is not getting a promotion in your career, neither is it advancing in education and neither can we define growth as political mileage. Because if the above things are what we define growth as, then some people will never grow.

            So I did some assessment and dug deep to simply ask or rather be able to define the term ‘Growth,’ and I found so much wealth to share in line with this subject of growth.

            First growth is not external, its not what we see, the wealth, the property, the big name, the fame, the education (if at all its visible); all that I term as development and not in any way equivalent to growth. Because someone can have all the above on the outside but on the inside they will remain as empty as Nyayo stadium on weekdays and as dry as the Sahara in the 21st Century. Growth is in the internal, we can define growth to be after all such like developments on the outside who we become on the inside. Does it give you a better approach to life? Does it make you esteem others better? Does it give you a greater regard for God? All these and many other factors are what we ought to find in the inner man after such developments on the outside.

            Growth is responsibility. Poor people tend to be more cautious on their spending   than rich people are. Uneducated people tend to be more sensitive with the very little they know unlike educated people with the much knowledge they’ve gathered. That to me shows a great lack of growth, though it still applies to the individual. You cannot claim growth if there is no sense of responsibility over what you’ve gained. If it is real growth then it takes responsibility over what it has achieved.

            The Bible is clear to point out that faith without actions is dead, and I hold that thought strongly. We cannot say we have grown in actions and our faith is dead, we also cannot say we have grown in faith and our actions are dead. What am trying to communicate is that growth is all rounded. Growth is not biased, it does not take different sides, shapes and sizes, but rather it covers everything. Growth in your career is not complete if you lack growth spiritually; growth socially is incomplete if your intellect remains unyielding. Growth is all rounded. For instance if a child develops physically and they don’t develop intellectually, we call them retarded, because they are experiencing abnormal growth. We are likewise retarded if our growth is not all rounded.

            We cannot define growth as what we receive or we have achieved be it; a promotion, a degree, an increase in salary or whatsoever we consider as equivalent to growth. We can only know its growth on how you react to the achievements made. So its not about what we gain, who we become or what we achieve but its about how we react to all these changes in our lives. In that regard I would say growth is not what we gain or achieve but it is who we become thereafter, its not what we receive at the end it is what we give away, it is not how many people get to know or hear of us but its about how many lives we affect.

            Today we have so many people who consider themselves successful simply because they are the proverbial ‘Jack of many trades but master of none.’ Growth is not about knowing many things, getting involved in everything and perfect or master in none. In other words I would say growth; Growth is not far and wide but rather it digs deep in. In a relationship there is no there is no growth if love does not increase, if our values in life are not advanced and established further over time, then we are not growing. If our convictions are not deepened and instead they are eroded then our growth is paralyzed. Growth is about deepening what we already have in our hearts.

            When I think of growth the greatest and most profound opinion I have comes from the Bible in 1st Corinthians 3:4-9(NKJV),


“For when one says, “I am of Paul,” and another, “I of Apollos,” are you not carnal?

Who then is Paul, and who Apollos, but ministers through whom you believed, as the Lord gave to each one?

I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase.

So then neither he who plants is anything, nor he who waters, but God who gives the increase.

Now he who plants and he who waters are one, and each one will receive his own reward according to his own labor.

For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, God’s building.”


This is what we must always understand, that we do good things and we work hard to gain, to achieve and maybe to grow, and that is important because we must play our part but all these only lead to that direction of growth but the end result of experiencing growth comes from God. It is a process that he takes us through, a mindset that he puts in us and convictions that he builds in our hearts. God causes growth.

            So we need not rush to growth for it has to take time and if we rush to it we might probably miss the mark. Once we’ve  grown we do not boast about it because we acknowledge the fact that God causes it and even more the process of growth is quite humbling we cannot afford to brag about it. Growth is not those things you want, it is that thing which you desire, something you are in genuine need of. Therefore we all need to directly involve God if we truly seek growth in our lives.


One thought on “Reality of Growth

  1. This is an amazing article so to speak. It has tumble upon an issue that I did not even get to think about. That growth is intrinsic which can eventually portray its external attributes. Alex, I must say that I have learn a lot from this article and I hope you may continue writing such educative and inspiring article.

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